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The Genetic Counseling Program Advisory Board

“This Program is so important to the state, the region and the nation. We need to ensure its strength and stability long into the future,” so said Dr. Sashi Pai, professor and clinical geneticist, Medical University of South Carolina. The Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in genetics, business and community and serves to bring new perspectives to the table as they advise the Program Directors and School of Medicine administration in the evolution of the curriculum and Program resources.
The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist the Program Directors and the School of Medicine in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Program as we advance the education of genetic counselors to meet the health care needs of South Carolina and the southeastern United States.

The Genetic Counseling Program Advisory Board works to:
  • To support the mission of the Genetic Counseling Program;
  • To support the Program in continuous improvement of the curriculum;
  • To be knowledgeable about the needs of the Genetic Counseling Program;
  • To make recommendations to the Program Directors and School of Medicine administration where appropriate;
  • To support the goal of increasing Program resources, financial and otherwise;
  • To promote the Program as a state, regional and national resource.

Meet our Advisory Board!

Allison Aitchison, MS, CGC
Genetic Counseling Class of 1995

“I am proud to serve on the Advisory Board and the School of Medicine Alumni Association Board to promote awareness of the value of the Genetic Counseling Program to the University of South Carolina and our community, and to promote enthusiasm and involvement among our alumni.”

Melissa Bennett, MS, CGC
Clinical Director, Lab Management Program
CareCore National

“I serve on the advisory board to give back to the  Genetic Counseling Program that has given so much to me.  I want to help ensure the Program's sustainability for the training of many more generations of genetic counselors. “

Rebecca C. Best
Former Patient

“I know the value in the guidance and expertise of genetic counselors as well as the compassion that makes each patient feel educated to handle any situation.”

Karen Albiez Brooks, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor, South Carolina Oncology Associates

“It’s a privilege to serve on this Board along with others whose goal it is to sustain and strengthen our USC Genetic Counseling Program.”

Judith T. Burgis, MD
Professor and Chair
USC SOM Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

“I serve this board to support the Division of Genetic Counseling as we incorporate new applications and developments in genomic education and clinical practice. “

Janice G. Edwards. MS. CGC
Clinical Professor and Director
USC School of Medicine Genetic Counseling Program

“It is an honor to work with this well-informed group of advisors to strengthen the curriculum as we prepare genetic counselors for the future of genetic medicine.”

David Everman, MD
Medical Director, USC Genetic Counseling Program
Associate Clinical Geneticist, Greenwood Genetic Center

“The Advisory Board will help ensure that the distinguished Genetic Counseling Program at USC continues to produce top notch genetic counselors that will be so integral to the future of medicine.”

G. Shashidhar Pai MD, FACMG
Clinical Geneticist
Medical University of SC

“Work done for no personal gain is far superior to any other kind of work.”

Shannon Pooser
Former Patient &
Community Philanthropist

“I am passionate about educating others about genetic counseling; genetics impacts families everywhere.”

Cristi Radford, MS, CGC
Alumna, Self-Employed

“I serve on this board to give back to the Program that educated me and to help prepare genetic counselors for the constantly evolving workforce.”

Andrea Sellers, MS, CGC
Assistant Director of Education Outreach
USC Genetic Counseling Program

“I work to ensure the USC Genetic Counseling Program is as strong as possible for future generations of genetic counselors.”

Steven A. Skinner, MD
Director, Greenwood Genetic Center

“The USC Genetic Counseling Program is a valuable resource for our state that continues to produce high quality genetic counselors who are meeting a priority need in South Carolina.”

J. Edward Spence, MD
Director, Clinical Genetics Program
Levine Children’s Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte

“The Genetic Counseling Program at USC has a tradition of graduating excellent genetic counselors with the highest level of knowledge and skills.”

Courtney Tate, MS, MBA
Marketing Consultant
Genomic Strategy Consulting

“As a graduate of the USC Genetic Counseling Program, I am honored to serve on the Genetic Counseling Advisory Board as it provides a means by which I can give back to the program that has given so much to me - both as a student, and now as a professional working in the fast-growing genetics industry.”

J.T. Thornhill, MD
Associate Dean, Medical Education & Academic Affairs

“As genetics and genetic counseling take on an increasing role in healthcare, I am honored to be a part of a group looking to educate and train the next generation of healthcare professionals in these important areas.”

courtney truluck

Courtney J Truluck
Former Patient

“To serve on the advisory board is such a unique honor. Previously, with the guidance and support of USC Genetic Counseling and its counselors, I was given the opportunity to make a very informed and personal decision about my future health.”

Debera Zvejnieks, MS, CGC
Certified Genetic Counselor

“As a graduate of the USC Genetic Counseling Program, I support the program that has enabled me to successfully pursue my career through various transitions and geographical relocations. This program is a tremendous asset for South Carolina and the southeast, both to the medical community and to the population served.”