Libby Hull Malphrus, MS, CGC, class of 2001, is a native of South Carolina and a board-certified genetic counselor serving patients in both South Carolina and Georgia. Libby has been a prenatal genetic counselor with Savannah Perinatology for over 14 years, but is also the sole counselor for the federally funded multidisciplinary hemophilia treatment center at the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center. With a passion for education, Libby became the first non-physician clinical instructor at Mercer University’s Savannah Campus, and created a medical genetics course for OBGYN residents and medical students, resulting in substantial increases in their CREOG scores. She is a frequent guest lecturer both locally and nationally on topics related to genetics. Additionally, after surviving cancer at age 33 she formed a non-profit organization called “Help the Hoo-Hahs” which raises support and awareness for local women living with gynecological cancers. The organization has raised over $125,000 since 2011.

Recognizing Outstanding Alumni of the Program

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Genetic Counseling Program has always recognized our success as a Program comes from the accomplishments of our very active alumni. Since 2001, the SOM has honored an outstanding alum each year, welcoming them to the School of Medicine Black Tie-White Coat Gala and the Dean’s Awards Dinner in the spring, and inviting the alum to visit with Program faculty and students, often as a special guest lecturer. Click on the highlighted names below, to read about outstanding achievers----we are proud of our graduates!

If you would like to nominate an alum, please click here to the SOM Alumni Association and complete an online nomination!    

2001  Cam Brasington (1988) 2010 Jennifer Sullivan  (1996)
2002 Jill Fischer (1993)  2011 Mary Ann Campion (2000)
2004 Christine Miller (1989) 2012 Kerry Crandall (1988)
2005  Vicki Vincent (1987) 2013 Cam Brasington (1988)
2006  Sonja Eubanks (1996) 2014 Katie Berrier Sheets (2009)
2007 Holly Peay  (1997) 2015    Peggy Walker (2008)
2008 Courtney Rowell Tate (2000) 2016 Libby Malphrus (2001)
2009 Melissa Bennett (1998)


Robert Young Outstanding Genetic Counselor Award

Each spring, the Genetic Counseling Program Faculty select one member of the graduating class for the Outstanding Genetic Counselor Award, named for our founding director. This graduate has performed in an exemplary manner in every facet of their professional education: in academic coursework, clinical rotations, interactions with faculty, in service learning, and as a representative of the Genetic Counseling Program. We always find it difficult to select just one!

Recipients of the Outstanding Genetic Counseling Student Award:

1992 Debra Harris Zvejnieks 2005 Bridgette Aufmuth
1993 Jill Fischer 2006 Christina Barger
1994 Lara Berg 2007 Holly Hardin Zimmerman
1995 Sonja Eubanks 2008 Peggy Walker
1996 Jennifer Sullivan Sareela 2009 Sally Cunningham Harris
1997 Melissa Bennett 2010 Ravin Winfrey
1998 Lori Terry 2011 Madison Foster
1999 Amy Giordano Shealy 2012 Audra Bettinelli
2000 Mary Ann Whalen Campion 2013 Ginger Edwardsen
2001 Elizabeth Cook Dempsey 2012 Vruti Mehta
2002 Stephanie Nix 2014 Brittanie Morris
2003 Lindsay Allen Metcalf 2015 Devon Haynes
2004 Anne Baughman Bandholz 2016 Natasha Rudy
2016 Molly Snyder

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