Cancer Genetic Counseling in the Shift From Prevention to Therapeutics

Andrea Forman, MS, LCGC
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Learning Outcomes:

  • Define utilization of somatic genetic testing to guide oncology therapies and the potential to identify germline mutations

  • Summarize the growing availability of therapies based on germline results

  • Examine genetic counseling challenges as somatic and germline testing integrates with oncology therapies

  • Andrea Forman is the Senior Genetic Counselor at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA and an Adjunct Professor and Clinical Supervisor for the Arcadia Genetic Counseling Program where she teaches the Intro to Cancer Genetics course. Andrea had her genetic counseling training at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and worked there for several years coordinating research studies on innovative genetic counseling techniques, such as culturally tailored genetic counseling for women of African Ancestry. At Fox Chase, she continues to work on research as well as leading the clinical team in a wide variety of cancer genetics care. Andrea has particular interest in next-gen sequencing and multigene cancer panels and their impact on lab quality, insurance coverage, and counseling models. In addition to her clinical, research, and teaching roles, Andrea has taken an active role in the National Society of Genetic Counselors, where she currently serves as Co-Chair of the Cancer Special Interest Group.