Application Information

  • Applicants for the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program must have earned a baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution.
  • Prerequisite course work includes:
    One year of general biology.
    One year of general chemistry.
    One semester of biochemistry.
    One semester of genetics.
    One semester of statistics.
  • Scores from the general aptitude test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. Subtest scores are invited but optional. Please note the University of South Carolina Institution Code for GRE reporting is 5818.
  • Supporting material must include:
    • Undergraduate transcripts
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Statement reflecting the student's interest and experience in the field

For more information regarding preparation for a career in Genetic Counseling,
visit the National Society for Genetic Counselors and the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Genetic Counseling Program Applications
Application deadline is December 1.

To submit an electronic application to the University of South Carolina Graduate School, CLICK HERE

Mailing address for transcripts and supporting materials:
University of South Carolina
Graduate School Admissions
901 Sumter St
Suite 301
Columbia, SC 29208

Applications are reviewed in January and February. Selected applicants are invited to interview in March and April, annually.

Please note that all applicants must be registered by the National Matching Service via the 2018 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match web site
Please register for the national match in genetic counseling admissions by December 15.

To submit an electronic inquiry to the Genetic Counseling Program, CLICK HERE

Financial Aid

For a financial aid application packet, please CLICK HERE or write:

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208

Affirmative Action Statement

The University of South Carolina System provides equal opportunity and affirmative action in education and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. The University of South Carolina System has designated as the ADA and Section 504 coordinator the Executive Assistant to the President for Equal Opportunity Programs.

Important Information About Genetic Counselor Licensure

The Genetic Counseling Program at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling, thereby making our graduates eligible to sit for the American Board of Genetic Counseling national certification examination. Some states have licensure for genetic counselors and some have not enacted licensure legislation/regulations. States with licensure have a licensing board with their own genetic counselor licensure requirements. State licensing laws typically require graduation from an ACGC accredited program and passing the ABGC national certification examination in order for a genetic counselor to apply for professional licensure. We cannot guarantee that the program meets the requirements for genetic counselor licensure in every state. Candidates for licensure must apply and meet the requirements for professional licensure in the state of choice and meet that state’s current regulations for genetic counselor licensure. Current information for states that have enacted genetic counselor licensure can be found here:

Additional information can be found at the Academic Programs Professional Licensure website.