The Clinical Impact of a Non-Invasive Prenatal Multi-Gene Sequencing Screen

Daniel Riconda, MS, CGC
Baylor College of Medicine
Learning Outcomes:

  • Summarize the development of the non-invasive multi-gene sequencing screen including the innovative technology that is employed.

  • Define the conditions screened for with the non-invasive prenatal multi-gene sequencing screen.

  • Describe the unique clinical challenges related to pre- and post-test counseling for the non-invasive prenatal multi-gene sequencing screen.

  • Daniel Riconda, MS, CGC, is a certified genetic counselor and Associate Professor who received his B.S. in Biochemistry from the State University of N.Y., at Stony Brook in 1985 and his M.S. in Genetic Counseling from Sarah Lawrence College in 1988. He obtained certification by the American Board of Medical Genetics in 1990 and became certified as a founding member of the American Board of Genetic Counseling in 1993. He is a certified RTS bereavement counselor. In February, 2016 he joined the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at BCM and School of Allied Health Sciences with a faculty appointment of Associate Professor. He has been coordinating the design and development of a Master’s of Science Genetic Counseling program and is now the serving as Program Director. He is also serving as the current project manager of Consultagene, an online tele-genetic counseling and educational resource at BCM. He has served as an At-Large Board member for the NSGC BOD (2015-2016). He has previously served as a member of that organizations ethics committee, public Affairs committee and co-chaired of their subcommittee on licensure. He has served on the Florida Birth Defects Advisory Committee, served a 5 year term as an (elected) board member of the American Board of Genetic Counseling (as chair of the Accreditation committee for 3 years), served as the program services committee chairperson for the Florida March of Dimes, and has served on the Public Affairs committee for the March of Dimes. In 2010, he was selected as one of 9 videotaped “Master Genetic Counselor’s” for training videos that were distributed to all of the Genetic Counseling training programs across North America. He has been actively involved in genetics education at the local, state and national level. Prior to joining Baylor, he developed and coordinated prenatal, pediatric and oncology related genetic counseling services at Winnie Palmer and Arnold Palmer Hospitals in Orlando, Florida for more than 2 decades.