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Adult Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselors with Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group provide genetic counseling services for adult-onset conditions with an underlying genetic cause such as inherited cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and blood disorders. Genetic counselors are trained and experienced in the genetics of inherited adult-onset conditions and the psychosocial aspects of those conditions that may affect other individuals in the patient’s family.

Young adults with a genetic condition may also be referred to USC Genetic Counseling for transition counseling from the pediatric setting to the adult setting.

We provide the following adult genetic counseling services:

  • Collecting a detailed personal and family medical history focused on the particular condition
  • Assessing a person’s chance of having or developing the condition based on this information
  • Determining whether genetic testing is appropriate and available
  • Discussing genetic testing options and their benefits and limitations
  • Reviewing medical management options
  • Providing psychosocial support to and facilitating communication between patients and their families
  • Coordinating genetic testing with outside laboratories
  • Reporting and explaining the results of genetic testing to the patient and the physician
  • Communicating with primary care/referring physicians so that information from the risk assessment and testing can be used for appropriate management and patient care.

If you have concerns about an inherited adult-onset condition, talk with your physician about referral to our genetic counseling services. We are here to help.