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Cancer Genetic Counseling

Cancer genetic counseling is available by physician referral.  The Clinical Genetic Counselors at the University Specialty Clinics are affiliated with the nationally accredited South Carolina Comprehensive Breast Center and offer community outreach counseling at McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates in Florence, SC. 
The primary goal of cancer genetic counselors is to identify individuals and families at increased risk of cancer in order to promote awareness, early detection, and cancer prevention.  Genetic counselors are uniquely qualified to assess patients for increased cancer risk and to address both the genetic and the emotional aspects related to cancer risk or diagnosis.
We provide cancer genetic counseling services for individuals at risk for breast, ovarian, colon, and other cancers by:

    • Collecting a detailed cancer-focused personal and family medical history
    • Assessing a person’s risk of developing cancer based on this information
    • Determining whether the history is suggestive of an inherited cancer syndrome
    • Providing patient education and answering questions about cancer risks, the option of genetic testing, and the benefits and risks of genetic testing
    • Reviewing medical management options with or without genetic testing
    • Providing psychosocial support to and facilitating communication between patients and families
    • Coordinating genetic testing with outside reference laboratories for patients with appropriate genetic risk
    • Reporting and explaining the results of genetic testing to the patient and the physician
    • Communicating with primary care/referring physicians so that information from risk assessment and testing can be used to appropriately manage the patient’s cancer risk.

If you have concerns about your cancer risk or a family history of cancer.  talk with your physician about referral to USC Cancer Genetic Counseling. We are here to help you understand.