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Cancer Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counselors with Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group provide cancer genetic counseling services for individuals at risk for breast, ovarian, colon, and other hereditary cancers. We are affiliated with the nationally accredited South Carolina Comprehensive Breast Center and offer community outreach counseling within the state of South Carolina.

USC genetic counselors are uniquely qualified to assess patients for increased cancer risk and to address both the genetic and the emotional aspects related to cancer risk or diagnosis. Our goals include:

  • Identifying individuals and families who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer
  • Offering options for genetic testing, screening, and medical management based on personal and family histories
  • Reducing the chance for developing certain types of cancer through personalized screening and risk-reduction plans
  • Providing psychosocial support to and facilitating communication between patients and families

If you have concerns about your cancer risk or a family history of cancer, talk with your physician about referral to our genetic counseling services. We are here to help.